Why You Should Do Business With The FHA Condos Approval Company!

Why You Should Choose The FHA Condos Approval Company To Get Your Condominium Complex HUD/FHA Certified!

We have been getting condominiums approved through the HUD/FHA process since 2009 and we know how to get your condos certified and what the HUD personnel are looking for.

HUD’s inspectors want to see your information presented in a certain format. We submit your information the way that the HUD personal wants to see it. When we accept you as a client your condominium community will receive HUD/FHA certification.

We have a “No Upfront Money” policy. This means that you pay nothing until your condominiums are 100% HUD/FHA certified. All other approval companies, which I know about, require you to pay for their approval attempt up front. When these companies don’t get your condos HUD/FHA approved the still get your money.

 We charge nothing until you are completely HUD/FHA approved. You don’t pay any filing fees, FAX fees, FedEx overnight shipping fees or any other fees until your complex is certified. In fact we don’t even send you an invoice until you have your HUD/FHA approval in hand.

Upon your request to get your condos FHA approved we will do a thorough review of the information you supply regarding your condo complex before we take you on as a client. We do this to insure that when we agree to represent you we know that your condominiums meet HUD’s basic requirements for approval.

If this review uncovers areas that need to be updated or changed we will let you know what HUD requires so your complex can become HUD/FHA compliant.

We post our fees prominently on our website instead of making you call to find out how much you will be ask to pay before the other guys have even submitted your paperwork.

We feel that the money that we charge is well worth the work we do and, as you don’t pay anything until your condominium community is approved, it is 100% guaranteed.

There a 3 areas that lead to a lot of HUD rejected applications because they are not submitted in the right format. These are:

1 – A Cover Letter with all requested fields entered.

2 – A copy of the Recorded Plat Map indicating the legal description of your complex. If you just send the Plat Map HUD will turn it down.

3 – A copy of The FEMA Flood Map package. This must be an Official FEMA Flood Map along with all other HUD Flood Map requirements. If you just send in a flood map with an X on it to mark your complex HUD will turn it down.

The FHA Condos Approval Company will produce these 3 document packages. We will also take care of the acquisition costs and the proper formatting to insure HUD/FHA acceptance. There are no added costs to our clients for any of this.

We offer great customer service at very reasonable prices. You are assigned 1 rep that takes you through the approval process from start to finish. When you have a question or a problem you know who to call.

All our personal are based in Washington State so you have no overseas hassles or misunderstandings

If you have any questions regarding The FHA Condos Approval Company Please Feel free to:

 Call us  at (360) 562 0406

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