FHA Condos Approval Company’s Fees and Services!

The FHA Condos Approval Company Offers Many Free Aids and Reference Guides

Just take a look at the list of helpful and informative pages listed below to see if there is one that answer your questions or solves your problem. If you see a page that interests you just use the links on the left to take to the desired information.

1 – Our Fee Schedule – This is the fees we charge only after your condo complex is 100% HUD/FHA approved.

2 – Is A Complex FHA Approved – This is a way to check HUD’s data base and insure that the condominium complex that you are looking at is HUD/FHA approved.

3 – How Can I Get My Condo FHA Approved – This page addresses the problem of getting one condo in a complex HUD/FHA approved. You might not like the solution but it is the only answer to the problem.

4 – Check Your HUD Application Status – This page shows the current HUD application status. It also indicates what information or documents are needed to complete the HUD application.

5 – A HUD Do It Yourself Kit – This is taken from the HUD website. The first part covers the basics of obtaining HUD/FHA approval for your complex. The second part is a project approval and processing guide.

6 – Get A FEMA Flood Map Package – On this page that you can order a FEMA Flood Map Package that is 100% guaranteed to pass HUD’s flood map requirements. This multi document package is a must for you DIY submitters.

7 – Get A Mortgage – If you need to get a mortgage in Washington State this is for you.

8 – Hire A Realtor – This is the realtor that we recommend if you need real estate help in Washington State. If you are buying or selling check this page out.

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