New Lending Rules Inspire Criticism


This is a great example of politicians trying to write rules for the private sector with very little practical experience in the field that they are trying to regulate. Good intentions do not always translate into good laws. For a more detailed look at this subject – please read the article below.

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According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the new lending rules that went into effect on January 10 are meant to take a back-to-basics approach to mortgage lending and lower the risk of default and foreclosure among borrowers. However, many industry veterans feel that the rules may hurt those they are designed to protect, primarily low income borrowers.

On January 14, Congress’ House Financial Services Committee held a conference to discuss how homeowners may be harmed by the new CFPB rulings. Speakers said low-to-moderate income borrowers stand to lose the most if lenders cannot write loans outside of the Qualified Mortgage (QM) guidelines.

“In rural areas, it is crucial to tailor mortgages to fit borrowers’ needs and risk profiles,” one lawmaker noted. Another lawmaker who represents a state where 50 percent of the homes consist of manufactured housing said most of the housing loans in his state will not meet QM standards.

Speaking on “Mortgage Markets Today,” Chris Whalen, EVP and managing director for Carrington Holding Company, discussed the pitfalls in the new regulations with Louis Amaya, host of the Five Star Internet radio show and CEO of iServe Companies.

“I think these concerns are well founded,” Whalen said. “Under the new CFPB rules, about half the prospective homeowners in this country can’t get a mortgage from a bank because the new laws have greatly restricted credit access.”

To read the complete article – please use the link below.

New Lending Rules

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