Electronic Recording Goes for Quality


The first thing to point out is that the author of this article is Latha Parameswaran. A web search finds that she is the Vice President of Operations at Indecomm Global Services. Their web site says they are a “services company focused on high-speed document imaging technologies and automated data capture” so she has a vested interest in this debate.

With that said eRocording is defiantly the wave of the future but security is the major stumbling block in its nationwide acceptance. On the other side of this coin there a no evidence of a major security breech in this industry. For a more detailed look at this subject please read the article below.

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Even as the mortgage recording industry presses for universal adoption of electronic recording (eRecording), quality is beginning to overcome quantity as the measure of success.

Expanding the availability of eRecording across the country was the first priority in moving mortgage recordation into the e-commerce realm. But completing the goal of having all recording jurisdictions adopt the technological resources for eRecording still seems a long way off with only 1,022 of 3,600 jurisdictions adopters of the technology.

eRecording, however, is available to the majority of the population, so two goals stand out. The first is to continue the drive to make eRecording available in counties where it is not. In addition, there is the need to achieve the universal use of eRecording in all transactions.

That is not to underestimate all the hard work that the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) and the lending industry have done in support of eRecording. PRIA and the lending industry have disseminated the message that eRecording saves time and increases the efficiency of the recording process relative to paper. The message has gone out far and wide.

PRIA has also campaigned against the myths which have held back the adoption of eRecording. Dispelling the beliefs by some that electronic documents are less secure than paper or that a recording jurisdiction should wait for better technology has been central to PRIA’s educational campaigns. And reiterating this message needs to continue.

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Electronic Recording

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